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Infographic reveals most common word used in 2010’s top pop songs as… “OH”

Part of this blog is about creating our own infographics, which I’ve done previously. What I haven’t done yet though is produce a Wordle. The site allows the user to input any text and it automatically produces an infographic displaying … Continue reading

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Interview with Christian Tate, designer for Delayed Gratification

Christian Tate is the designer of Delayed Gratification, a new quarterly almanac which takes a look back at old news stories to see what has happened to the key people and places once the dust has settled. The journal features … Continue reading

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Simon Rogers: “Infographics are just as much journalism as a written piece is”

Beautiful infographics are great to look at but they don’t mean a thing without good data. We caught up with Guardian data journalist and recent XCity Award winner Simon Rogers to talk infographics from a data point of view. Hi Simon! … Continue reading

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Infographics News Flash

Next Saturday 9th April, trendy East London magazine Dazed and Confused launches its first day-long festival. Hosted over 5 venues, the day promises to be spectacular, fusing brain-shredding DJ sets with brain-building lectures. The one that particularly standsout – the … Continue reading

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Is the iPhone the world’s most popular camera?

If this infographic from Geekaphone is anything to go by then it could well be: The infographic begins with the journey of the Apple device as a camera, first looking at the specs of of the Apple QuickTake from the … Continue reading

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Social Networking Trends: A Guide in Infographics

2010 was the year that social networking hit the big time. Facebook hit over 500 million users across the globe and Twitter reached 106 million. And it’s not just Facebook and Twitter growing – professional social networking site LinkedIn announced … Continue reading

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Bad Infographics Returns

We’ve devoted many of the posts on this blog to infographics that we love. Beautiful, glorious swoops of colour and structure that visualise data in a picture-perfect medium. But in the shadows, out there on the internet, and indeed in … Continue reading

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