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Interview with Christian Tate, designer for Delayed Gratification

Christian Tate is the designer of Delayed Gratification, a new quarterly almanac which takes a look back at old news stories to see what has happened to the key people and places once the dust has settled. The journal features … Continue reading

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Simon Rogers: “Infographics are just as much journalism as a written piece is”

Beautiful infographics are great to look at but they don’t mean a thing without good data. We caught up with Guardian data journalist and recent XCity Award winner Simon Rogers to talk infographics from a data point of view. Hi Simon! … Continue reading

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UK arms to the Middle East – An infographic breakdown

UK exports to the Middle East has come into focus recently and this infographic from the Guardian shows just how much we have been exporting to each of the countries in the region. Good points: 1 – The use of … Continue reading

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Data journalism using infographics

Unless you have a)been living under a particularly heavy rock, in the middle of nowhere, with no human contact or b)zero interest in journalism trends, the rise of ‘data journalism‘ will not be anything new to you. However, the term … Continue reading

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Step forward, the VIDFOGRAPHIC!

As an infographics newbie, many questions creep into my mind as to how infographics are made, how they are used and all the different forms they can take. Inspired by Helen’s post, I looked into other moving infographics. It turns … Continue reading

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You can make an infographic, too!

Last week, I spoke to Ben Whitelaw, one fifth of student journalism website gods Wannabe Hacks. Among other things, he talked to me about the importance of entrepreneurialism in journalism and that having a skill in data visualisation will make … Continue reading

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When infographics go wrong…

Thanks to Understanding Uncertainty for pointing out this howler (reproduced below, the original link is here). Taken from the January 4 edition of The Times newspaper, this infographic seeks to explain the history of VAT (Value Added Tax) rates in … Continue reading

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