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An infographics beginner with a passion for homes and lifestyle writing.

Bad Infographics Returns

We’ve devoted many of the posts on this blog to infographics that we love. Beautiful, glorious swoops of colour and structure that visualise data in a picture-perfect medium. But in the shadows, out there on the internet, and indeed in … Continue reading

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Infographics Newsletters

We’ve come a long way with our journey into the gorgeous world of infographics. Then, we didn’t understand them. Now, we can’t get enough of them! While “love” is probably too strong a word to be bandied around, we’re committed … Continue reading

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Data on Data

As a magazine student at City University, a large portion of this semester has been devoted to the creation and development of XCity magazine, City Journalism’s flagship magazine, which goes out to around 5,000 journalist alumni. I was appointed multimedia … Continue reading

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We’ve stumbled upon this adorable post from our friends over at Social Media In Journalism who’ve put together a post on infographics which use data from social media networks (what else!). Click here to view the original post. I’m a … Continue reading

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Libya Infographics

Following on from a previous  post on infographics on the Japan tsunami, this week sees the Dummies look at how data on the events concerning Libya have been visually covered. We turn first to the Russian news agency Ria Novosti for their … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake Infographics

The tragic events of the Japan earthquake, tsunami and their after-effects have played out on on rolling news screens and in print for every conceivable moment during the last few days. As more and more information is ammassed and collated … Continue reading

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My First Infographic: Haribo Sweets

I wanted my first infographic to mean something to me. Personal, significant, epic. What could be more appropriate than analysing the data of a bag of sweets? I’m waiting for the Guardian Data Blog’s phone call. (Yes, I used Paint).

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