Social Networking Trends: A Guide in Infographics

2010 was the year that social networking hit the big time. Facebook hit over 500 million users across the globe and Twitter reached 106 million. And it’s not just Facebook and Twitter growing – professional social networking site LinkedIn announced last week that it has reached the 100 million user mark and ‘checking in’ site Foursquare grew by 3400 per cent in 2010. So who uses these sites? And how? Fret not, for we’ve tracked down some infographics to break down social networking trends.

Let’s start with the big boys. Facebook and Twitter. The first infographic is one created by Digital Surgeons and compares activity on the two sites during 2010:

What’s interesting here is that while Facebook clearly has many more users, activity on the two sites is often similar. 88 per cent of people are aware of the Facebook brand and 87 per cent of people are aware of Twitter. The gender break down of who uses the sites are also generally the same. What’s interesting is that while Facebook is larger, only 12 per cent of logins update their status as opposed to Twitter’s 52 per cent. Twitter users were also more likely to login via a mobile device, perhaps suggesting Twitter as the more fast-paced and active of the two sites.

Next is an infographic guide to Facebook alone. It’s pretty fun and sometimes shocking (28 per cent of Facebook users aged between 18 and 34 check their Facebook account on their smarthphone before waking up. I’m one of them.) It was featured on Skatter Tech with information from

I really like this inforgraphic as it’s informative, interesting and gives original information. Plus, it told me that there are at least 43,869,799 other single people out there – so there’s hope for us all!

Now let’s look at the lesser used – but very up and coming – Foursquare, also from Skatter Tech.

The infographic shows where all global check-ins occurred last year, with big concentrations in North America, Europe and South East Asia. Checking-in at food-related locations was most popular, while college and education establishments had the least. Plus, things all got very sci-fi when one account checked in from the International Space Station on October 22 2010. Pretty cool.

Finally, let’s look at LinkedIn, which – as we’ve discussed – recently reached 100 million members. This infographic created by Scott Nicholson and Anita Lillie at the LinkedIn data sciences team gives the lowdown:

Among other things, the infographic shows that while there are 997,000 teachers on the site, there is only one martini whisperer (anyone got any ideas?) Like Foursquare, LinkedIn has shown massive growth, particularly in Brazil with a growth of 428 per cent members and Mexico with a growth of 178 percent.

Social networking trends are a pretty hefty subject but these infographics break down the data in a clear and dynamic fashion. That’s why we love ’em!

Are there any social networking infographics that YOU’VE been impressed by? Want one of YOUR infographics featured on the site? Comment us below or @InfographicsD on Twitter!


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