Is the iPhone the world’s most popular camera?

If this infographic from Geekaphone is anything to go by then it could well be:

The infographic begins with the journey of the Apple device as a camera, first looking at the specs of of the Apple QuickTake from the nineties up to the much hyped iPad 2, with a hefty increase in profit since the launch of the iPhone 3GS.

Also quite interestingly the iPhone 4 is now the second most popular camera with which images are uploaded onto Flickr and some 45 million photos have been uploaded to the photosharing site from iPhone devices.

The infographic also recommends top apps to use on your iPhone to enhance your picture taking, naming Hipstamatic and Instagram as two of the “must-have” top photo apps. (I’d go for Instagram over Hipstamatic, to be honest.)

So do YOU think the iPhone is the world’s most popular camera or do you disagree with this infographic? Have you seen any infographics that display conflicting data? Or do you have any lesser-know photo apps to recommend? Join in the conversation by commenting below or tweeting us @InfographicsD


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