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Next Saturday 9th April, trendy East London magazine Dazed and Confused launches its first day-long festival. Hosted over 5 venues, the day promises to be spectacular, fusing brain-shredding DJ sets with brain-building lectures. The one that particularly standsout – the one I hope my shift doesn’t clash with – is Aaron Koblin’s talk at Shoreditch Church.

Koblin is Creative Director of Data Art at Google Creative Labs, but better known for his pioneering data visuals and digital interactivity. Koblin has worked with Radiohead, creating a music video for In Rainbows track House of Cards, using lasers and sensors to produce a visual.

As well as that, he worked with Arcade Fire on “The Wilderness Downtown“, an interactive video that makes use of Google Maps and Google Street View to incorporate images of the viewer’s hometown into the video.

He will be talking about the importance of data visualisation in a time when the aesthetics of the internet are becoming increasingly important.


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Hi, I'm Olive! I'm a journo student, I am really keen on infographics, I hope you like our blog!
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