Bad Infographics Returns

We’ve devoted many of the posts on this blog to infographics that we love. Beautiful, glorious swoops of colour and structure that visualise data in a picture-perfect medium.

But in the shadows, out there on the internet, and indeed in everyday life, lurk the bad boys of the infographic world. Unclear. Illegible. Awful. It’s enough to make you open up Photoshop and set about creating one yourself.

We found this first one over at The perpetrator? Ikea.

Plaudits must go to Ikea for their infographically-styled attempt to inform shoppers when’s best to shop, but perhaps they’d best stick to selling forests of wooden furniture at wallet-friendly prices. Pie charts are the black sheep of the infographic family, especially when not even in 3-D. Ikea is a temple to affordable, inspirational design – couldn’t they have extended this to their infographics too?

We found this bad boy lurking on Usability Counts, as a competitor for the Most Ugly and Useless Infographic Competition (I hope my Haribo infographic doesn’t appear there next year!

A prize to anyone who can guess what this actually means?

Vizworld found this monster infographic – a supposed look at mobile media around the world. I wouldn’t know. I can’t even look at it. Pie charts have multiplied into circular hell. There’s tiny text. Apart from the title, there’s nothing clear about it.

Has anyone else seen any truly hideous infographics out there? Let us know here or on Twitter @Infographics D


About Miranda Thompson

An infographics beginner with a passion for homes and lifestyle writing.
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One Response to Bad Infographics Returns

  1. Chris says:

    I disagree about the Ikea infographics. It took my a half-second to realize the circles were clocks, not pie charts, but this gives me a great visual depiction of when the store is busiest — red equals bad, come M-F during the day. They’d be smart to add a few design elements around the circle to emphasize that these are clocks (more than just the numbers), and it’d make all the difference.

    – Chris

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