TUC Anti-Cuts March

As you will have seen and read, the peaceful anti-cuts protest that took place in London over the weekend descended into what is now becoming expected: violence, thuggery and vandalism.

What is perhaps more controversial than the actions of a few though, is that fact that Labour leader Ed Miliband chose to support the march (the party – and Ed himself – has a long-standing link with the unions). If he had known how the protest would pan out – and he surely must have predicted similar scenes to last year’s student protests – why would he create such a connection in people’s minds?

Regardless of motive, the point is he did give a speech endorsing the march and criticising the Coalition, and more specifically David Cameron. Here’s a Wordle I created of his speech.

Wordle: Ed Miliband Speech 26/3/11

As you can see, ‘people’, ‘Britain’ and ‘country’ feature prominently, which re-inforces the rhetoric used by Miliband in his speech. He also seems to indicate that our ‘generation’ needs to make a ‘stand’ and ‘speak’ out against the ‘change’ in ‘society’ ‘today’.

In picking out the key themes of Miliband’s speech, I’m led to conclude that, sometimes, an infographic does all the hard work for you.


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I am a Magazine Journalism MA Student at City University and a freelance journalist. I like period dramas, telly, tea and cake. Oh, I do love cake. Join me for a natter about the box.
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