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We’ve come a long way with our journey into the gorgeous world of infographics. Then, we didn’t understand them. Now, we can’t get enough of them! While “love” is probably too strong a word to be bandied around, we’re committed to infographics. We want to have “the talk” with them. We want to see them on a daily basis.

Lucky for us Dummies that there’s some kindly souls out there who are dedicated to creating daily newsletters. These bring together the very best of infographics out on the web into bite sized, digestible reading. Forget the Daily Mail’s TV and Showbiz pages – if you’re infatuated with infographics, your homepage should be set to one of these.

1) Daily Infographic

The brainchild of Jay Willingham, this daily newsletter deposits an infographic a day in your inbox if you subscribe by email or by RSS feed. It’s like taking vitamins, but better.

The Dummies took to Twitter to ask Willingham what drove him to create a daily newsletter. His response? “Felt like there was an untapped market for daily infographic distribution. Always been big fans of data visualization”.

The site also has a handy category page so you can select a certain infographic field that you’re interested in, from “Animals“, to “Government” to “Mindblowing“.

I particularly like this one from the Pets section looking at the history of LOLcats, that internet phenomenon. Why? Because as well as being interesting to look at, the infographic also includes the “lol” speak of the LOLcats as it pads its way through the entertaining timeline.

I also like pets.

The History of Lolcats from

2) The #infographics Daily

We like this daily round up a lot – possibly because it’s featured not one but TWO of our blog posts over the last few months. Unfortunaetly, I can’t link to it because it changes content every day, fuelled by the infographics that people have been sharing on Twitter.

I love the clean design of it and it’s oh-so easy to scroll through and select a category, whether Arts or Photos. The headline at the points plots the countdown to the next refresh of information and also informs you of how many people have shared the certain links on Twitter.

Screenshot of The #infographics Daily

The best way to search for The #infographics Daily is to follow its creator, Gabriele Cazzulini, on Twitter and await his frequent updates. It’s worth it. I promise.

3) The Daily Infographic
I know, all these sites have super-original names, don’t they? But as with any long-term relationship, it should be what’s inside that counts.

They also have a handy guide to just why infographics are so great:

Why Infographics
Are Irresistible

  • They look good up close and far away
  • They have fun and interesting facts
  • They are colorful
  • They are artistic
  • They are everywhere

It’s very American-centric in content, but still interesting – such as this infographic on words that are transphobic, an under-developed subject area that is fast progressing.

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Where do YOU head for your daily dose of infographics? Let us know by commenting or on Twitter @InfographicsD


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  1. I head to this blog for my daily dose. x

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