Create your own InfoMap!

I have always looked in wonder at those clever coloured maps in the Guardian, where they give each country a different colour according to population, economy, birth rate or any other variable.

But could I produce something like it myself?

Using, I managed to produce this map showing the 2010 GDP of all the countries in the world (indicated by colour), as well as the economic growth rate achieved last year (indicated by the size of the dots on each country).


To do this, I used google to search for GDP stats (advanced search techniques allow you to specify an Excel spreadsheet). The file can be found here. I removed unnecessary data from previous years, then uploaded this spreadsheet into did the complicated bit – it coloured each country a different shade according to which GDP band it fell into. It also added the dots – different sizes according to growth rates. (To view the interactive map online, click here).

Overall, am happy with my first attempt at creating an InfoMap. Although the Guardian infographics team still manages to make prettier maps than I ever will, at least we know there’s a user-friendly, online tool out there to help us produce our own InfoMaps.


About Rakesh Ramchurn

I am an MA Magazine Journalism student studying at City University London. Love infographics and all things italian. Comment on my blog posts, or tweet me: @italophiliac
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