Nymphographics – Sex by numbers

Sex. If we’re not doing it, we’re talking about it. Or we’re thinking about it. Or we’re thinking about thinking about it.

Do I get enough? Too much? Am I inadequate? Am I good in bed? Was I too young when I lost my virginity? Who’s doing it? And where?

This infographic compiled from sources such as a Kinsey Report, Psychology Today and PenizSizeDebate.com compiles some useful information about global sex trends. Use it to confirm grim realities or soothe your sexual woes.

Luckily, I’m above average if you know what I mean – phew!

One of our colleagues at City Nikki Osman is setting up a blog on Nymphographics and it’s soon going live! If you’re interested in getting involved or helping her to create “those type” of infographics, tweet her  or comment us below. We’ll be linking to her site as soon as it’s up so stay tuned!

What do YOU think of this infographic? How do YOU compare? Want to get involved with Infographics for Dummies? Comment us below or talk to us on Twitter or, alternatively tweet me!


About andytweddle

Magazine Journalism MA student at City University London. Tweet me - @andytweddle
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