Left, right, left, right…

Scouring the net for infographics the same way others look for porn, I suddenly stumbled upon this infographic (from infographicsblog.com) that sent my heart racing. It’s a breakdown of the political left and right in the US, together with key voting patterns and trends.

It’s quite complicated to look at to begin with, but with a bit of time, you can gather much about the key differences between the typical left-winger and right-winger in the US.

Of course, when breaking down a nation into two poles, you do end up with a stereotypical leftist and stereotypical rightist in the US (the idea that the relationship between mother and child is based on “respect and fear” for Republicans and “respect and trust” for Democrats is perhaps a little simplified), but in general the infographic is still a good indication of the key political opinions in the US and the voting patterns and beliefs of people on both sides.


About Rakesh Ramchurn

I am an MA Magazine Journalism student studying at City University London. Love infographics and all things italian. Comment on my blog posts, or tweet me: @italophiliac
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One Response to Left, right, left, right…

  1. Rob says:

    Seems heavily slanted to the left. As a conservative, they don’t describe me very well at all.

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