Budget 2011 as a Wordle

A while back I posted an article about the beauty of wordles and how they are useful in dissecting data that is mostly word-based.

Following my recent attempt to create a bubble chart, I decided to try and create a wordle based on George Osbourne’s 2011 Budget speech. This was done very simply at wordle.net, where you simply drop in the text and the process is done for you. Below is the result:

The key words are pretty standard: “tax”, “billion”, “year”, “budget”, “spending”, etc.

Other words include “deficit” and “reduce” – quite indicative of this government’s priorities. Other key words on a similar theme include “responsibility” and “recovery”.

The important thing in any wordle is to exclude words which appear often in speech such as “the”, or words which have little meaning. In my wordle, the words “Mr”, “Deputy” and “Speaker” are among the most prevalent – showing I should have filtered the text before creating the wordle. Still, a lesson for next time!


About Rakesh Ramchurn

I am an MA Magazine Journalism student studying at City University London. Love infographics and all things italian. Comment on my blog posts, or tweet me: @italophiliac
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