Still confused about Inception? Here’s a handy guide!

Other than being one of my all-time favourite films and winning 4 gongs at the 2011 Oscars, Inception is also bloody confusing. Once again, infographics to the rescue!

Created by dehahs and showcased on, this infographic clearly denotes whose dreams are dreamed within whose dreams, the architecture of the dream and how the characters are ‘kicked’ up out of each dream level in the blockbuster. Told you it was confusing!

Print this infographic off, buy the DVD and maybe you’ll be less confused!

Have YOU seen any other cool film infographics? Are you still confused about Inception? Would YOU like to write a guest post for Infographics for Dummies on your favourite infographic?

Comment below or tweet us @infographicsD or me at @andytweddle

Check out the trailer for Inception here –


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