Give it a go! My attempt to create an infographic…

As anybody who has read my posts recently will realise, infographics have become a bit of an obsession for me recently.

I have been looking at the best infographics modern media has to offer. But could I produce my own?

Many Eyes, IBM’s visualisations software, (available to use for free online), is supposed to democratise the world of infographics, allowing anybody to create their own.

I scoured the web for data on the GDPs of European countries, and dropped the data (from an Excel spreadsheet) into the programme.

The user-friendly process allowed me to create the following bubble chart:

I’m quite proud of it, although it’s basic compared to some of the infographics you see in newspapers like the Guardian. Still, I’m just starting out on my infographical career, lots of time to practise yet…


About Rakesh Ramchurn

I am an MA Magazine Journalism student studying at City University London. Love infographics and all things italian. Comment on my blog posts, or tweet me: @italophiliac
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