Libya Infographics

Following on from a previous  post on infographics on the Japan tsunami, this week sees the Dummies look at how data on the events concerning Libya have been visually covered.

We turn first to the Russian news agency Ria Novosti for their take on the military operation that has been launched in Libya. It’s a clear, concise infographic that manages to acheive all a reader wants from a visualisation of data; you know exactly what information is being conveyed and it is being done so in a clean, attractive manner. I like the juxtaposition of the map with the military icons.

Is this an infographic? I think so. The BBC have cleverly mapped out airstrikes – and it manages to contextualise the Libya situation within Europe.

Canada’s Globe and Mail produced this graphic on Gaddafi’s influence on Africa, organised by state. Interesting content, but there’s little data which has contributed to this – it’s more an example of collating and presenting information in a more palatable way.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the development of infographics as events in Libya progress – let us know if you see any gems!


About Miranda Thompson

An infographics beginner with a passion for homes and lifestyle writing.
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