Step forward, the VIDFOGRAPHIC!

As an infographics newbie, many questions creep into my mind as to how infographics are made, how they are used and all the different forms they can take.

Inspired by Helen’s post, I looked into other moving infographics. It turns out that there are a lot of infographic videos out there and after a bit of research I came across some really good ones.

With infographic videos, the basic purpose of the infographic stays the same – that is, to take a concept and somehow break it down or explain it in a visual way. What I discovered with the use of video and audio to create infographics was that they can be even more effective and display concepts in even more dynamic – and often endearing – forms to the viewer. If used properly, it seems like video infographics could be a useful tool for journalists wanting to tell news stories in new ways to wider audiences.

Here are a few I liked –

This first one is a guide to the elements accompanied by Malcom in the Middle theme-song superstars They Might Be Giants (remember them?) It’s an informative and good-looking vidfographic (think I may have just penned a new term there), perfect for kids.

This next one is a step by step guide to the story of Little Red Riding Hood so you can remind yourself of the plot in time to watch the new remake starring Amanda Seyfried. It’s a nice example of how infographics can be funny and ironic, as well as informative.

Finally, I thought I’d include this last one on growing up. It’s not exactly information heavy, but its use of moving images twinned with the cute voiceovers make a lovely example of how infographics/vidfographics can speak to viewers on many levels and sometimes even pull at the heartstrings a bit!

So what do YOU think? Do you think vidfographics are the future of the infographic? And how do you think they might be used to benefit journalism?

I’d love to look further into video infographics – do YOU know anyone prolific in the field? Or do you have any you like to share? I’d love to speak to journalists that are using or creating moving infographics, so get in touch!

Either leave a comment below or DM me on Twitter @andytweddle or @infographicsD


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2 Responses to Step forward, the VIDFOGRAPHIC!

  1. Vaim Raisk says:

    One of the best I’ve seen out there:

    • rakram7 says:

      Thanks for the link Vaim, very interesting visualisation/animation, making a difficult topic that little bit easier.

      Infographics for Dummies

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