You can make an infographic, too!

Last week, I spoke to Ben Whitelaw, one fifth of student journalism website gods Wannabe Hacks. Among other things, he talked to me about the importance of entrepreneurialism in journalism and that having a skill in data visualisation will make you more marketable as a journalist in a time when the job market is tough.

He said: ”You’ve got to create your own job. If you can teach yourself how to produce really amazing visualisations from massive sets of data and teach other people that’s an amazing thing to have.”

But HOW do you teach yourself to create infographics? Well, Many Eyes is a great start.

Feed in data from Excel and then create infographics. The site’s pretty basic but it’s definitely a good place to start. I created a bubble chart showing how much UK MPs spent on travel expenses in 2009/10. Despite there being a lot of data, the infographic lets you view the data simply and it looks pretty sweet. There’s a screen grab below or CLICK HERE and sign up to have a proper play with it and see which sneaky MP spent the most.

Have YOU tried Many Eyes? Try it out! What did you like or dislike? And most importantly, what do you think of my infographic? Cute, right?


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2 Responses to You can make an infographic, too!

  1. helena says:

    This is the best explanation that I have seen yet decoding infographics Andy. It is also cute.

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