Infographics Idol: David McCandless

For some people, it’s Nelson Mandela. For others, it’s Lady Gaga. Over here at Infographics For Dummies HQ, our idol is the one and only David McCandless.

David McCandless (Copyright

Even the sound of his names sends shivers down our data-loving spines. The man is an infographics legend – with work featured in over 40 different publications and not one, not two, but THREE books on the subject.  The latest, appropriately titled “Information is Beautiful”, does exactly what it does on the tin. We’ll be asking the Easter Bunny to get us this instead of a gigantic Creme Egg. Possibly.

 McCandless sums it up as “Visually stunning displays of information that blend the facts with their connections, their context and their relationships – making information meaningful, entertaining and beautiful. This is information like you have never seen it before – keeping text to a minimum and using unique visuals to offer a blueprint of modern life. Easy to flick through but intriguing and engaging enough to study for hours.”

You can check out the book’s ultra-site HERE – it features the making-of infographics, advice, and of course, beautiful imagery.

If you have a spare 21 minutes and 27 seconds, I would highly recommend this video featuring the man himself as he takes you through a collection of handpicked infographics. Honestly. 


About Miranda Thompson

An infographics beginner with a passion for homes and lifestyle writing.
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