I can haz infographicz?

Malcolm Coles raises an important point on his site in this post: How to make infographics accessible and SEO friendly at the same time.

Visual aids and pictoral representations of data are being used ever more in our online and mainstream media alike (The Guardian is renowned for its exemplary use of infographics) so it’s important that this information is reachable for everyone – through quick Google searches (other search engines are available) or on mobile sites.

Coles’ post has some excellent pointers that are well worth bearing in mind, especially for the average infographic novice (which is all of us here at I4D towers).


About Helly

I am a Magazine Journalism MA Student at City University and a freelance journalist. I like period dramas, telly, tea and cake. Oh, I do love cake. Join me for a natter about the box.
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