Super-Sized Starbucks

Caution: you may wish to pop to the toilet after viewing this.

It’s quite possible that the Dummies are jumping on this bandwagon a few weeks too late with the inclusion of the now-infamous infographic published by the Canadian National Post  which compares Starbuck’s bladder-bulging new size of cup to a human stomach. The

The all-new “Trenta” (Italian for 30) size will brim with 916ml aka. 31 ounces of double-mocha-frappe-chai-latte things, which as the infographic points out, is the average capacity of a human stomach. A coffee that size would also contain 400mg of caffeine – perhaps a new kind of kick for Charlie Sheen??

Who needs laxatives when you have Starbucks?


About Miranda Thompson

An infographics beginner with a passion for homes and lifestyle writing.
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