Tucson Shootings

While clicking my way through the internet, I stumbled upon the awe-inspiring ELearning site, which is home to a host of interesting, educational infographics collected from varying publications.

Of particular interest was the section dedicated to infographics which cover the horrific 2011 Tucson shootings and the attack on Gabrielle Giffords – not only for its news-worthiness but as an apt demonstration of how inforgaphics can explain and explore a myriad of events and angle surrounding the incident.

For a step-by-step walk through of the events, check out this infographic created by The Washington Post. Taking you through the before, during and aftermath of the attack, minute by minute, it’s a comprehensive analysis of the tragedy in its simplest, yet most effective form.

Get right inside Gabriella Gifford’s head. Literally. This slightly gruesome infographic from The Guardian has an unnerving red arrow which shows the trajectory of the bullet and how its affected her brain. Click through the infographic for a medical take on the woman who seems to have defied death.

The New York Times takes their reader through the offending weapon and varying weapon laws across the United States.

Have you seen any great infographics which give another view on the event? Comment below or Tweet us at @InfographicsD


About Miranda Thompson

An infographics beginner with a passion for homes and lifestyle writing.
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